What is REVV COIN?

REVV COIN is a compound word using Revolution and Evolution, we make a revolutionary evolution.
REVV COIN is a new concept currency platform with various and easy mining method, securement of
used places in mining and an enlargement of base, and REVV COIN is a currency platform
possible to solve chronic problems.

Feature of REVV COIN

Mining through various applications by phone with easy download
마이닝 방법

The best feature of REVV COIN is mining through application.
Anyone can enjoy mining easily and conveniently by downloading the applications from Google Play Store, Apple Store, Huawei, etc.
Mining applications are 7 kinds in total. Among them, the representative applications are “mining through game”, “mining after being
a winner of our own lottery”, “mining through coin change”, “mining through payment of purchase at franchise”, etc. Furthermore,
donation content for lottery winner is added.

REVV Application

Franchising Point mining [Free application with franchise point mining]
Location-based AR mining (Application of Location-based AR free mining)
Jackpot mining (Free application with jackpot mining )
Game mining [Paid application with game mining]
Coin Change Machine mining [Paid application with coin change mining]
EVENT mining [Free application with event mining]
GPU, CPU mining [Public mining]
Easy coin payment system and Accumulating coins easily

User visits affiliated and direct management franchises, franchises available to mine, etc, as usual and pays in cash or card. After then, the price user pays and REVV COIN’s price are calculated automatically and mining and payment will be completed as much as the calculated amount through coin POS terminal in affiliated, direct management franchises and franchises available to mine REVV COIN.

Mining and payment system divide into QR code scanning and NFC, It is easy payment system where mining and payment is completed easily after user bring REVV COIN multi-electronic wallet with mining or payment function open to the POS terminal.

Coin Chart

Donation Culture

Coin is currency and coin is with purpose of investment.
Every coin has same purpose. Also, REVV COIN does.
But REVV COIN specially has a donation culture to make a
society of “sharing” and play a role as a link between people.
Donation to make the society of “sharing” is a role of
helping and supporting each other and it is a future REVV COIN wants.

Through cooperating with donation organizations from each
country, REVV COIN’s donation system enables user to choose
an organization user wants.
Winner from applications possible to donate such as Lotto
Application Mining, Jackpot Application Mining and Event
Application Mining has an authority to donate and an obligation
to donate. In addition, user is able to donate REVV COIN to
donation organizations and the disadvantaged and choose where
user wants to donate REVV COIN.

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Vital factor of coin is transaction volume. Transaction means the number of users. The number of users depends on awareness, convenience and how to let others know. 60% of people in the world have smartphone. People use an application of smartphone that is only necessary for user and useful in real life. What happen if miner of blockchain becomes a general application necessary in real life? It results in an increase of awareness and spread; it leads to an increase of users, and finally makes an enlargement of base and an increase of transactions. In addition, the number of used place increases, they leads to an increase of users finally. This system can come true through REVV COIN. Application Mining makes users and used places it makes high volume of transaction and increases coin’s vitality.