REVV Cooperation

REVV Foundation operates various business partners including REVV COIN.
You can find the information about various business partners below.


REVV COIN is a new concept multi-interlocking currency platform with various mining methods applied.
REVV COIN is a new concept currency platform that combines various and easy mining method and REVV COIN used place with universal enlargement of base in order to solve a chronic problem. REVV COIN is a compound word using Revolution and Evolution, it means that we make a revolutionary evolution.
Feature of REVV COIN is mining through application.

Anyone can enjoy mining easily and conveniently by downloading the applications from Google Play Store, Apple Store, Huawei, etc.
Mining applications are 7 kinds in total. Among them, the representative applications are “mining through game”, “mining after being a winner of our own lottery”, “mining through coin change”, “mining through payment of purchase at franchise”, etc.